solar field
Tap into the Power of the Sun With Pee Dee Solar

Many of our members are interested in renewable energy, and so are we. At Pee Dee Electric, it’s our job to make sure you have reliable, affordable power to take you through your day. Nuclear power and natural gas are important, dependable sources of electricity that we rely on to provide power to you, but we think solar power can be responsibly incorporated as an energy source. That’s why we’ve brought a solar farm to our community to benefit cooperative members.

The Cooperative Spirit

Our community solar farm was created in the same spirit that drove the creation of Pee Dee Electric. More than 75 years ago, electricity was out of reach for residents in our community. A group of people joined together to create our electric cooperative and power our lives.

Today, solar energy is out of reach for a lot of people. Among other barriers, it can be expensive to set up and maintain. So we thought – just as our founders did decades ago – let’s do something about this.

Advantages of Community Solar

  • Low cost, 1-time fee
  • No hassling with maintenance (we’ll take care of that!)
  • Our site is well suited for a solar installation, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of the sun’s potential. Site suitability is often an issue with residential installations.
  • Perfect for renters who want to be involved with renewable energy
  • No red tape with zoning restrictions or homeowners’ associations
  • Solar energy will be credited directly to your electric bill

How Does It Work?

Membership and Purchase Rights:

  • Members of Pee Dee Electric can buy rights to the energy output from solar panels.
  • The cost for these rights is a one-time fee of $288.75 per panel.

Facility and Maintenance:

  • Pee Dee Electric has built the solar panel facility.
  • All insurance and maintenance costs for the facility are covered by Pee Dee Electric, ensuring no extra costs for members.

Billing Credits and Participation:

  • Participants in this solar project receive credits on their electric bills.
  • These credits correspond to their share of the solar farm's total energy output.

Solar Farm Structure:

  • The solar farm consists of a total of 360 panels.
  • Members have the flexibility to purchase the output of as many panels as they desire.

Energy Output:

  • The entire system of the solar farm is capable of producing 100 kilowatts (instantaneous) of power.