Rates & Fees

Residential Service
Basic Facilities Charge:$30 per month
All Energy Charges:(Summer: May through October)
First 500 kWhAll kWh over 500
$11.65 cents per kWh$10.89 cents per kWh
(Winter: November through April)
First 500 kWhAll kWh over 500
$10.76 cents$10.04 cents
NC Renewable Energy:$0.54 per month
Residential Time-of-Use
Basic Facilities Charge:$37 per month
Demand Charges:Summer:Winter:
All On-Peak kW$10.50 per kW$8.50 per kW
Maximum Monthly kW$2.75 per kW$2.75 per kW
Energy Charges:
On-Peak kWh$7.06 cents per kWh$7.06 cents per kWh
Off-Peak kWh$4.70 cents per kWh$4.70 cents per kWh
NC Renewable Energy:$0.54 per month
Commercial and Large Power Rates are available upon request.
Sales Tax: Any applicable state and local sales taxes will be added to all services billed.
Security Lights:
48 Watt LED$9.53 per month
200 Watt Sodium$12.77 per month

Explanation of Billing, Late Fees & Returned Checks

  • Billing: Payments are due and payable upon receipt. Electric bills that are not paid within 25 days of the original billing date are considered Past Due, and are subject to a 1.5% penalty fee.
  • Late Fees: A bill is considered delinquent seven (7) days from the bill date of the past due bill statement, and a $10 delinquent fee will be applied to each current account. Any account not paid by the end of seven (7) business days after becoming delinquent is subject to being disconnected on the next working day.
  • Disconnect/Reconnect: If power is disconnected due to non-payment, the past due balance must be paid in full, in addition to a $30 disconnect fee, $30 reconnect fee, and deposit if one is not on the account, as well as an overtime fee for reconnects that take place after 5 p.m. and on Holidays of $60.
  • Returned Checks: A $25 insufficient funds (NSF) check fee may be charged immediately from your bank account for any NSF checks returned by the bank. After 2 bad checks, Members will be required to pay with cash, money order, or certified check for 2 full years.