Energy Efficiency Loans

Pee Dee Electric offers Energy Efficiency Loans to qualified members who want to increase the efficiency of their homes but may lack the needed funds upfront to make the upgrades. Members can borrow funds from the cooperative and repay the loan through their monthly electric bill. To learn more about Pee Dee Electric’s Energy Efficiency Loan Program, download the brochure below, or contact our offices at (704) 694-2114.

Loans are available from $400 to $10,000. Please note that loan amounts over $3,000 are subject to UCC filing and standard fees.

Once completed, either bring it by our office or email it to

house with labelsLoans can be used for any of the following upgrades:

  1. Electric Heat Pumps (minimum 15 SEER)
  2. Duct Repair or Replacement
  3. Insulation – Ceiling, Wall, Floor
  4. Window and Door Upgrades
  5. Water Heaters (electric)
  6. Caulking and Weather Stripping