Meter Tampering & Copper Theft

Electricity Theft: Not Worth the Risk

Electricity theft is a dangerous and serious crime that electric cooperatives like Pee Dee Electric are actively combating. Deliberate tampering with electric meters not only poses a threat to the thief but can also result in catastrophic electrical incidents. To ensure safety and prevent power theft, only trained Pee Dee Electric personnel should handle meter-related tasks. If you suspect meter tampering or witness any suspicious activities, please report it to Pee Dee Electric at (800) 992-1626, and rest assured that all information can be given anonymously.

Copper Crimes

Metal theft, particularly copper theft, continues to endanger lives and burden electric utilities nationwide. To protect against electrical hazards and prevent copper theft, it’s important to follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid entering or touching equipment within substations and stay clear of power lines and any objects in contact with them.
  • Immediately notify Pee Dee Electric if you notice anything unusual, such as open substations, equipment, or hanging wires.
  • Contact the police if you observe anyone other than authorized Pee Dee Electric personnel or contractors near electric facilities.
  • Install motion-sensor lights outside your home or business to deter potential thieves.
  • Securely store tools and wire cutters, and never leave them unattended or exposed when you’re away.
  • Construction workers should not leave wires or plumbing unattended, especially overnight, to prevent theft.
  • Help raise awareness about the severe consequences associated with stealing copper or aluminum wire.

Please help us prevent these thefts. If you notice anything unusual or concerning, call Pee Dee Electric immediately at (800) 992-1626. If you see anyone other than Pee Dee Electric personnel or contractors around substations or other electric facilities, call the police without delay. Let’s work together to protect our communities and ensure a safe and reliable electrical system for everyone.