Powering a Brighter Future through Reliability and Sustainability

Pee Dee Electric is steadfast in its commitment to delivering reliable and sustainable electricity to members throughout Richmond, Anson, Scotland, Union, Moore, Montgomery and Stanly counties. To help fulfill this commitment, our system inspector, Travis Dawkins, plays a proactive role in meticulously inspecting approximately 65,000 poles across the system. This process spans diverse terrains throughout seven counties. Travis utilizes various methods, including ATVs, trucks, or on-foot inspections, to ensure that each pole meets stringent reliability standards.

Going beyond pole inspections, the system inspector actively monitors equipment on poles and lines, identifying potential issues to sustain a resilient electrical infrastructure in overhead and underground inspections. This month, inspections will be performed in the Burnsville, Peachland, Polkton and Marshville areas.

Storm recovery is also a crucial component of our sustainability efforts. In adverse weather conditions, Travis collaborates with other engineering and operations employees to respond swiftly to restore power to minimize downtime and inconvenience for our members.

Promoting member safety, Pee Dee Electric encourages verification of anyone claiming association with the cooperative. Travis Dawkins emphasizes this: "Ensuring the safety and reliability of our electrical system is a shared responsibility. If you ever have doubts, please call our office at 1-800-992-1626 to verify authenticity."

Encountering our system inspector in the community gives members a unique opportunity to witness the cooperative's hands-on commitment to reliability and sustainability.
Pee Dee Electric's dedication to maintaining a robust electrical infrastructure aligns seamlessly with its mission to meet the community's energy needs while ensuring a sustainable and reliable future.