Navigating Energy Efficiency this Winter

As temperatures drop, it's common to see an increase in energy bills. With winter in full swing, I want to remind you about a valuable service Pee Dee Electric offers to members to boost energy efficiency and save money.

Being the trusted energy partner you can rely on, we firmly believe everyone should have access to savings and efficiency. To assist you in reaching these goals, we provide complimentary home energy assessments.

These energy assessments give members a holistic view of your home’s efficiency. Understanding how your home uses energy can help determine the best ways to adjust energy consumption, improve problem areas, and keep more money in your wallet. An energy assessment can also identify potential safety issues surrounding electrical wiring and HVAC systems, making your home safer.

So, how does it work? First, you’ll need to call our office
at 704-694-7607 and schedule an appointment with Todd Moore, Pee Dee Electric’s Energy Use Advisor, to conduct your home’s energy assessment.

During the assessment, he will inquire about your energy use habits, review past energy bills, and conduct a walk-through of your home, examining energy usage and identifying specific elements impacting it, such as doors, windows, and insulation levels. Major appliances, including your heating and cooling system, will be examined, and a room-by-room assessment will take place.

Following the assessment, our advisor will follow up with a report analysis of your home’s energy use and an evaluation with recommendations regarding energy consumption and steps you can take to improve efficiency and save money.

One of the greatest values of an energy assessment is helping you understand how you use electricity and identifying ways to use it more efficiently. Undertaking improvements and upgrades based on this evaluation can even increase your property value.

Energy assessments are just one of the many perks of your co-op membership, so we hope you’ll take advantage of this valuable service. If you’re looking for more ways to save, explore our additional efficiency offerings, such as energy efficiency rebates, low-interest energy efficiency loans, and time-of-use rates for members with electric vehicles.
If you want to monitor your energy usage more closely, I encourage you to set up an account online or through the PeeDeePower mobile app. You’ll have instant access to your member portal to check your daily energy usage and set up text alerts for high-energy use. You’ll even be able to manage account details, view your bill, and conveniently make payments.

These programs and services are designed with Pee Dee Electric members in mind, putting the power to save directly in your hands.