Understand Your Bill

Member Name & Address

Member’s name and mailing address associated with this service account.

Important Message

Important information that may benefit our members.

Billing Summary

Previous Amount Due

Amount due for the previous billing period.


Any fees added to the account during the billing period (ex. late fee, etc.).

Payments Received

Total payments received during this billing period.

Current Charges

Charges for this billing cycle.

Total Amount Due

Reflects all current and past due charges.

kWh (kilowatt hours) Usage History

Monthly energy trend at this location, average daily temperature, and cost per day.

Current Charges Detail

Base Facility Charge

This is the monthly cost of having the electric system in place and available to serve the member 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This charge is designed to recover expenses that do not vary with energy consumption.

Fuel Factor

Our rates are based on a Wholesale Power Base Cost per kWh. When our power costs are below that base we credit the difference back to the members. When the power cost is greater than the base cost, the difference is passed to the member.


The cost of the metered energy provided to your home or business, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

NC Renewable Energy Charge

Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 62-133.8 and NCUC Rule R8-67.

(Outdoor Light)

Some accounts may see this charge if there is an outdoor light on the property.

Tax – State

Applicable jurisdictional taxes

Care To Share

Members round their bill to the highest dollar amount. This money is then returned to the community through grants awarded to local nonprofit organizations. This is known as the Care to Share Program.