Solar FAQs

How Does It Work?

Membership and Purchase Rights:

  • Members of Pee Dee Electric can buy rights to the energy output from solar panels.
  • The cost for these rights is a one-time fee of $288.75 per panel.

Facility and Maintenance:

  • Pee Dee Electric has built the solar panel facility.
  • All insurance and maintenance costs for the facility are covered by Pee Dee Electric, ensuring no extra costs for members.

Billing Credits and Participation:

  • Participants in this solar project receive credits on their electric bills.
  • These credits correspond to their share of the solar farm's total energy output.

Solar Farm Structure:

  • The solar farm consists of a total of 360 panels.
  • Members have the flexibility to purchase the output of as many panels as they desire.

Energy Output:

  • The entire system of the solar farm is capable of producing 100 kilowatts (instantaneous) of power.