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PrePay Electric Service

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What is PrePay?

PrePay is an exciting option for prepaid electric service that offers the flexibility of purchasing your electricity when you want, in the amount you choose. Daily, weekly or monthly - you select the payment plan that works for you and the amounts that fit your budget.

Traditional or PrePay - Which is right for you?

With PrePay you:

  • Choose your own payment schedule
  • Purchase electricity when convenient
  • Monitor your consumption
  • Choose daily, weekly, or monthly payments
  • Say goodbye to monthly bills and deposits



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Prepay Offers Peace of Mind

See what one of our members says about the switch to Prepay!

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Facts about PrePay Accounts

Do I have to pay a deposit or fees with PrePay?
No! There is never a deposit or a fee with PrePay. You simply make a payment to "recharge" your account to the level you desire.

Do I get a bill every month?
No. With Prepay, instead of receiving a traditional paper bill, electric usage is calculated daily and you purchase electricity as you need it using cash, check, debit or credit card.

How do I make a payment?
Payments can be made in either of our office locations, online, or by phone.

How much money should I keep in my PrePay account?
That's entirely up to you! One of the benefits of PrePay is that you create the program to fit your budget. you can purchase enough electricity to last a week, month, or more.

How do I stay informed about my account or balance?
When you set up your PrePay account, you will be asked whether you want to receive messages about your account status by text, email, or automated telephone call.

What if my account runs low?
First, you will receive a low balance alert by text, email, or phone message. You decide the method at which you want to be notified. This will give you time to purchase more electricity. If your account balance falls below zero, your meter will stop and the power will turn off. However, purchasing more electricity is easy and there are no late, disconnect, or reconnect fees. You can pay 24 hours a day by phone or online, or make a payment at our office.

How do I know PrePay is right for me?
If it is easier to make daily or weekly payments rather than one larger monthly payment, PrePay may be right for you. Statistics also indicate that Prepay electricity programs often help lower consumption due to member' awareness of usage patterns. So, if you are interested in monitoring and lowering your electricity use, you may benefit from PrePay.

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